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New Logo!


Along with a refreshed website and digital content, the New England chapter of the SCC also has a new logo! After a number of years with the iconic Paul Revere holding a parchment with the SCC logo, we decided it was time to update our logo. The new version continues to pay homage to the patriot and silversmith Paul Revere and his historic ride to warn other New Englanders of the impending arrival of British troops.

Updates to the logo include the replacement of the parchment with a lantern bearing the organization’s initials as well as a more active stance of his steed, which is now rearing. An image of the states that comprise the NESCC is located squarely in the middle to illustrate where our members are located.

As you can see we are very proud of New England and our rich history. We think our new logo captures a bit of this history in a sleek and modern way. We enjoy it very much and hope that you do, too!

-2016 NESCC Board Members-