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2017 Education Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Anne Dussaud (Momentive)

We are pleased to highlight Anne who will be speaking about the benefits of silicones and the anti-aging hair claims.


Anne Dussaud earned her doctorate in Chemical Engineering at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. She did her post-doc at Princeton University where she won the 1999 Frankiel award from the American Physical Society.

She worked for seven years at Unilever US and joined Momentive in 2007, where she is responsible for identifying and characterizing novel polymers for hair care applications. She is the Inventor of several patents and author of many  publications.

Anne has 15+ years experience in all phases of R&D: project management, leadership, strategy planning, charter agreement with marketing, cross-functional collaborations, interaction with process team and assistance with scale-up, regulatory, intellectual property. She has extensive experience in managing projects in a multicultural environment. Experience interacting with customers and executing technical briefs. She has a proven record of innovations related to personal care products and novel polymer systems

She is also an inspiring mentor and leader with strategic thinking. Anne has worked as a creative material scientist with experience in…

  • Complex fluids
  • Interfacial properties
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Polymers
  • Proteins.

Anne also possesses an in-depth understanding of silicone polymer properties and extensive knowledge of sensorial and functional aspects of personal care formulations. She is passionate about the role of R&D for today’s industrial challenges, especially as it relates to sustainability

2017 Ed Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Kathy Rainone (BASF)

Kathy Rainone

Key Account Manager at DeWolf Chemical

Not only is Kathy our Chair, but she is also a veteran in sales. Here is a bit about Kathy…

Kathy responsible for growing sales consistent with budget demands via executing business strategy, technical competence and relationship building. Averaged double digit growth annually.

Won Azelis Americas Sales Award 2016

Recipient of the first Bradford Soap Works Supplier Innovation Award 2016

2017 Ed Seminar speaker spotlight: Amy Marks-McGee (TrendIncite)


Amy Marks-McGee is an award-winning creative marketing professional with over twenty years of success within the fragrance and flavor industry. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management from Baruch College in New York City.

Her work experience includes fine fragrance, air care, and personal care marketing for three leading fragrance houses. She has been recognized by Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce, Inc. for the 2011 Woman of the Year Award for her excellence in marketing and leadership.

Founded in 2006, Trendincite LLC is a creative service consultancy designed to help fragrance & flavor clients cull through, distill and translate pertinent trend information into tangible product directions. Trendincite LLC specializes in fragrance marketing and flavor marketing.

To stay on the cutting edge of flavor and fragrance marketing trends, Trendincite LLC consults with fragrance & flavor suppliers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and market research firms by providing the following custom services:

• Marketing Presentations & Trend Reports
Custom food, beverage and fragrance marketing, trend presentations and reports based on client specific needs

• Food, Beverage & Fragrance Market Research & Reports
Custom primary and secondary fragrance, food, and beverage market research and analysis

• Fragrance & Flavor Writer
Professional business writing services such as ghost writing, branded content, newsletters, ezines and press releases, specifically designed for clients who work within or service the fragrance & flavor industry

• Trend Excursions
Guided, custom sensory trend excursions designed to engage all five senses, stimulate creativity, and inspire new product ideas


Visit for more information about the company and the services they offer!

2017 Ed Seminar speaker spotlight: Trefor Evans


Dr. Trefor Evans has worked in the hair care industry for over 25 years. The first 16 of these were spent as a scientist and manager in the product development labs of large consumer good companies (Helene Curtis and Unilever). He then served for five years as Director of Measurement Services at TRI-Princeton (TRI), where he now holds the titles Director of Research and Institute Fellow and is responsible for TRI’s Research Program.

Dr. Evans holds a Ph.D. in Physical-Analytical Chemistry and has spent his career using measurement science to support the development, launch and maintenance of many international cosmetic brands and products. These activities include fundamental research, supporting product development efforts, substantiating and validating marketing claims, and a variety of miscellaneous problem-solving.

Dr. Evans is highly active in the hair care industry through many working relationships with companies of all shape and size. He is a regular presenter at International Hair Conferences and has been an invited speaker at many technical meetings and symposia. He was Chairman of both the 6th and 7th International Conference on Applied Hair Science – and will have the same role for next year’s 8th iteration of this same event.

Dr. Evans has published numerous articles in trade magazines and the scientific literature and is co-author and co-editor of the book “Practical Modern Hair Science”. He writes a regular column on Hair and Hair Testing for Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine – and also sits on this publication’s advisory board. He is Technical Editor for the Journal of Cosmetic Science, and also serves on the Expert Reviewing Panel for International Journal of Cosmetic Science and the Textile Research Journal. He holds seven patents in the area of hair care and his research work has been awarded by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists on three separate occasions.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Evans has facilitated and taught TRI’s two annual training classes on Hair Science and Product Claims which have been held in the US and Europe. He guest lectures on the subject of Hair and Hair Science at a variety of academic cosmetic programs and has instructed at events organized by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

You can learn more about Dr. Evans at

2017 Education Seminar Speakers

Hi Everyone!

Take a look at the agenda for our upcoming annual Education Seminar. We have a great list of speakers from various areas of the personal care industry and a really fun day planned. There will also be tabletop exhibits (interested in reserving one for you or your company? Reserve a tabletop HERE) as well as lunch buffet and lots of networking opportunities! You can see the list of speakers and their topics below.


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Visit our friends at the Connecticut SCC chapter for their annual seminar – Professional Advancement

Speaker: Kerry Preston

Date:  October 17, 2017

Location: Unilever | Town Hall Room | 45 Commerce Drive | Trumbull, CT


Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best.

By identifying what your talents are, you can find the best way to go about accomplishing your work. Basically, you

get to stop trying to be what you are not, and start being what you are. Play to your strengths, mitigate your


When you are engaged in your strengths, you will naturally perform better, and you will feel more energized and

fulfilled while doing it. That will improve your level of engagement at work, leading to higher employee

engagement for the organization. StrengthsFinder done in a group setting is a fantastic way to find this information


What you will gain

Gain self-awareness * Develop personal leadership skills and capabilities * Practice advice on communication

challenges and ways to successful work with others * How to capitalize and build upon their greatest talents to

create strengths that will enhance all aspects of their lives * Learn the language of strengths as well as your top

themes and the themes of others * Maximizing strengths everyday with yourself and others * Strengths Finder

Assessment * A comprehensive Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide

Biography ~ Kerry Preston

A high sought-after business expert and the co-author of You Did What? The Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make,

currently in its fifth edition. The second book in the series, You Said What?, was released in 2012, with follow-up

Enhancing Your Executive Edge: How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed published in 2014. A natural-born

problem solver, Preston uses her own positive attitude and perception to foster relationships and help others do

the same. Her ultimate goal is helping others become their best selves, whether it’s at work or in their personal

lives. She hopes to convey the idea that presence is the ultimate precursor to promotion.

Preston spent over 10 years with Calvin Klein Cosmetics, eventually taking her expertise to run workshops for

Shiseido, NARS, La Prairie, Moet Hennessy USA, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, and Credit Suisse.