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Color for Cosmetic Science

Color is very subjective. If you show two people the same object, they may describe the color differently, based on their experiences and reference points. And, many conditions affect how a color looks: the light source, size, background, the angle you are viewing it from, even the observers eye can make a difference. In his presentation, Val Cosh, from Konica Minolta, is going to review the essentials of color science and the elements needed to run an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments. Targeted to industry professionals with job functions in controlling the color quality, consistency, and appearance of their products or samples. At the end, you should have a solid understanding of color and the components required for evaluating, communicating, and controlling color internally.

Val Cosh has over 25 years of experience in the world of color measurement — from Service to Product Management and all the way to Sales. Val has the skills that allow to him to best serve customers by finding the exact product solutions needed, to streamline work flows and get the highest return on investments possible. We hope you’ll join us on January 17th at O’Connor’s Restaurant in Worcester for Val’s presentation. You can register online here or on-site.